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That´s the way our puppies are breed:

Our girl are mated by the male That  phisically and genetically best fits them

Doesn´t matter how far they are, we take little holidays and travel there.

They are very much loved and we give all the best for their confortation.

We assist the birth, help them, and we sleep close them for the first puppies 10 days.

If any puppy is born smaller or with less active than the others, we´ll give him our best cares and attentions.

And we help mum giving baby bottles to puppies.

JThey play from first weeks with "Little humans"

And from 3 weeks old the puppies bed become a party room!

At 5 weeks old they can live alone,  In a bigger room with garden.

Without mum (she has worked suficient) but she is always near there looking after them.

Some times at day...freedom! they can run and play everywere...

In the garden...

Under atention of uncles and grandparents...

And of course the "human sister"

And after these 2 months enjoying their first puppies weeks.

They are ready for a new home.